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If you’re like me, chances are you want to compare which country should you buy your latest Apple product slightly cheaper, that coincides with places that you would visit on your next trip out. If not, well, look at you, top 1-percenter.

On April 2016, I built a prototype to figure this out. It was functional, but it was missing few key features that deemed important. And over the years, few people had been asking when will it be updated with latest Apple releases. I’m glad to announced a new, improved formula, same taste The Mac Index.

What’s New? ✨

Prices after tax

Every country has different tax rate and Apple calculate price differently based on each country’s tax regulations. Japan, Canada and USA displays price before tax, Hong Kong, Malaysia have no tax added, and countries like Philippines and Brazil simply has no tourist tax refund mechanism. The rest of the countries should have embedded tax with the price, as well as tax refund facility. I’ve sorted the price according to what you will be paying as a tourist, not as citizen.

Accessory prices

The new iteration has all your favourite Apple accessory prices, from AirPods, leather cases, USB-C cables, and even HomePod. However, there are minimum limit to what you need to buy in a single receipt to be able to claim the tax refund, so check if the product you want to buy exceed this requirement.

P/s: There are 8 different variants of iPhone Power Adapter, you should definitely buy from your local store.

Editable public data source

Everyone can view all of products available in Apple Online Store. This let you see whether the data is valid or needs improvement. Here’s a link to it:

Totally-revamped Interface

Previous interface was kinda lame with all the tables used (hello 1999) but I thought that’s the best way to show tabular data. Turns out it was hard to use on mobile. So to keep up with the trends, let’s use rounded cards, just like the new App Store on iOS and Mac.