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In 2015 I did a lot more travel and work thing, while switching my career from full-time employee to all-the-time employee. These are just a simple collection of memories I had with strangers I met that would remain as memories.


We knew each other until February. We went out, we travel together, we definitely get along well. The problem was neither of us would thought it could be a thing back then. As we part ways at the airport on our arrival home, I made up my mind that this will be the end of it.


Met at the wrong places, I had an instant connection. She’s a local hospitality student, her well-spoken English is too good. Took my time to meet her at her workplace, no doubt she’s beautiful. Only if I didn’t have to go back home and pretend I live there. She lived with her aunt in Germany when I check on her.


One of the closest Tinder match encounter, I am even impressed with myself how I can carry a long conversation. She’s sino-thai, where I thought was intermarriage between chinese & thai, when in fact was thailand-born chinese.


Our path crossed in a hostel, her bunk bed was next to mine. It was the last night I’m staying. Before departing, I suggested that we should keep in touch - the rest is history.

Next day, we were bar-hopping in tuk-tuk. She insist on using Snapchat as valid means of communication. She’s a bit of social media addict, she thinks New York City is the best place on earth. It is, but you don’t have to tell people it is.

In the end, no matter how fun it was, if both of you were traveling, it will be as transient as a Snapchat post.