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I love Exposure. I think it’s the best way to publish a photo story, as compared to other platforms. And it did a great job at doing what it does best. I also love Medium for writing. And the whole community features. It make you want to write just about anything, even when you don’t have anything to write.

Now, both of them use their own proprietary content format. This makes the content hard to port to other platform. If only there’s simple writing syntax that is widely adopted by general publishing community. Well, there is.

Recently, I switched my main writing app from Evernote to Bear. I migrated all my notes from 8 years ago, and I love it. Not just because the app is beautiful, but writing in Markdown is a joy. I no longer need to deal with any hidden styling artifact, copy-pasted content styling, and also opening my notes in any platform is consistently displayed.

There’s tons of open-source solution to write your blog post in Markdown. Usually it involves installing the software into your machine, run it to turn your Markdown into HTML, and host it in static web server. This might appeal to your tinkerer friends. There’s also traditional blog solution like or Ghost, which accepts Markdown content. This is good for publishing independent blog.

What if you can publish your notes and writings in Markdown to a platform that allows beautiful photo & media presentation like Exposure? And it will be curated into the community like Medium?

This is what I’m trying to build.

If you’d like to follow our progress, please go to our temporary landing page and leave your email. Or follow our Twitter account at: @trynocturnal