Hello, welcome to my Nocturnal journal. I am Wafiq, a product builder and software developer. Previously I work at few startup companies in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Currently I am a tech lead at a web agency. My current active projects include:

I develop mostly in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and I’m a proponent of Ruby language, since 2011. I consider myself a generalist, where I learn coding myself, so that I wouldn’t be dependent on others to build my own product.

I usually travel around Southeast Asia when I’m not in my home country (🇲🇾), and I work remotely in coffee shops and cafes, while exploring the cities. My current development machine is a 2017 MacBook Pro 13” and iPhone Pro 13 Pro.

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Writer at Jim Thompson House, Bangkok

Beside this blog, I also have a travel journal, Nocturnomad, where I post places that I’ve been to. I’m always on Twitter (@wfxyz) and Instagram (@wfxyz) if you need to find me.

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